Free Online ordering system

Asian Food Locally provides a complete online ordering solution for FREE

  • Allow your customers to order from your website, Asian Food Locally, Facebook page and mobile app.
  • Allow your customers to
    book a table from your website and mobile app.
  • Easy to integrate and compatible with all popular website builders.

Online Menu

  • Designed to stimulate appetite and increase sales.
  • Flexible and easy to maintains and set up


Order Customization

  • Choices and add-ons keep your menu compact and well organized.
  • They are also the easiest way to up-sell.


  • One page checkout, optimized to increase conversion.
  • Data pre-filled for returning clients.
  • No account required.

Real Time Confirmation

  • Your client holds the line while you review the order.
  • Waiting is entertaining with useful messages.

Ringing like a telephone

In real-time, right at the restaurant

Why Clients Love It


  • Convenient
  • No busy lines
  • No misunderstandings
  • Fast order confirmation
  • No follow up calls
  • No waiting in vain

Table Reservations

  • Easy to use table reservations widget.
  • Possibility to order in advance.
  • All reservations are received and confirmed in real time with the restaurant app.

How It Works

  • Simply add the
    See MENU & Order button on your website and Facebook page. When clicked, it opens the online menu.
  • Similarly, the Table Reservation button on you website opens the booking form.


  • One page checkout, optimized to increase conversion.
  • Data pre-filled for returning clients.
  • No account required.

Take Orders & Reservations

  • You receive the orders and table bookings on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).
  • You have 3 minutes to confirm the order / reservation.
  • Orders can be printed directly from the app.


  • One dedicated smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) for taking online orders and reservations (per restaurant location). Will provide by Asian Food Locally
  • Permanent internet connection for the order taking device.

How To Set It Up

Anyone can do it within minutes:

  1. Create your restaurant profile (15 minutes)
  2. Install the order taking app (1 minute)
  3. Publish the See Menu & Order and Table Reservation buttons (1 minute)

Admin Panel - Highlights

  • The most restaurant-friendly ordering system.

Menu Editor

  • Free stock of images available for you.
  • Reusable choices and add-ons.
  • Drag & drop elements to reposition them.

Reporting Module

  • Your business in numbers: orders stats, delivery heat-map and more

Multi-Location Support

  • Manage multiple locations from the same account.
  • Share menus and promotions between locations.

Website for Sales Optimization

  • Instantly generate your own personalized website.
  • Optimized for search engines.
  • Available with a new or existing domain.

Online Payments

  • Activate online payments and cash directly into your merchant account.
  • You have several payment gateways to choose from.

Note: The availability of some paid features depends on the availability of certain infrastructure providers in the region. We always recommend to check in the admin area which advanced features work for each specific restaurant account setup.

Promotion Engine

  • Set up almost any promotion logic you can think of
  • Promo templates and countless ways to segment your clients
  • Run multiple promotions simultaneously (optional).

Ordering Apps for Clients

  • Find restaurants nearby based on location
  • In-app food ordering and paying

Branded Mobile App

  • Features only one restaurant brand with all its locations.
  • Customizable to reflect your brand

Get your own FREE restaurant ordering system!

Unlimited orders. Zero commissions.